Accusys A12T3-Share 12 Bay Thunderbolt Shareable Storage System - Final Sale/No Returns

by Accusys MFG# ACCU-A12T3-Share

Accusys A12T3-Share 12 Bay Thunderbolt Shareable Storage System

Thunderbolt 3 Shareable Storage 


A12T3-Share is a 12-bay tower storage array with 4 Thunderbolt 3 host ports. Users can configure the A12T3-Share as a Storage Area Network (SAN) storage pool when integrated with SAN software, or partition the storage array into several storage volumes and benefit from the high performance of Thunderbolt ports as direct attached storage with immense capacity. 

Shared by the team

No Thunderbolt to fibre channel adapters necessary, nor is a fibre channel switch required. With 4 Thunderbolt connections, A12T3-Share allows for 4 Thunderbolt clients to share content and reach up to 2600 MB/s transfer speeds, more than ever we could afford to have true collaborative workflows for video editors and any digital content creator; this could work well for small work groups. 

Expand as You Need

A12T3-Share is equipped with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports and this can be expanded to 8 ports by pairing two A12T3-Share devices using the T-Share Expansion feature. This allows users to reach storage capacities of over 1 Petabyte (1344TB) of data with connecting extra JBOD systems. 

T-Pairing - Doubled Transfer Speeds for Increased Productivity

T-Pairing allows users to double transfer speeds by pairing two Thunderbolt cable connections between workstations and Accusys storage devices. Two Thunderbolt ports can be utilized to connect a new Mac Pro, and with four TB ports available on the A12T3-Share, this allows two users to create dual paths for increased speeds simultaneously. All A12T3-Share devices are pre-installed with Accusys Mac Installer which includes the driver for T-Pairing. Once the driver is installed it will automatically communicate with the A12T3-Share RAID controller for easy configuration.


Technical Specifications 

  • System Type: 12-bay Tower RAID system
  • Interface: Thunderbolt 3 * 4,PCIe 3.0 *1
  • Data Transfer Rate: Thunderbolt 3: 40 Gb/s,QSFP : 32 Gb/s
  • Disk Interface: SAS / SATA * 12
  • Disk Type: 3.5" / 2.5" / SSD
  • RAID Level: 0, 1, 5, 6, 0+1, JBOD
  • Cache Memory: 2G DDRlll 1866 with ECC-protected
  • JBOD Expansion: JBOD * 3
  • T-Share Expansion: Thunderbolt 3 * 8, JBOD * 6
  • RAID Controller Functions     
    • Online RAID Set Expansion and RAID LEVEL Migration
    • Online bad block data recovery and reallocation
    • Online disk scrubbing with data refresh and parity
    • Disk health monitorning by S.M.A.R.T
    • Array Roaming and Drive Traveling
    • Mirror Snapshot for fast backup and restore
    • Disk Lag Proof Technology to guarantee disk timely response
    • Equalization Mode to smooth the performance of sequential I/Os and reduce large fluctuation
  • Management 
    • Java-based RADIGuard X GUI
    • Event log saving in text file for quick trobleshooting
    • Event notification by email (SMTP)
    • LED indicator for RAID & disk drives status in front
    • 400W (Single or Redundant). 110V~240V power supply
    • Two 12cm x 12 cm Fan with Smart Fan Control feature

Dimensions: L: 369mm, W: 175mm, H: 394.6mm

Weight: 15.2 kg