FieldCast Adapter One Hybrid (Adapter from FieldCast 2Core SM to ATEM Camera Converter)

by FieldCast MFG# FC-br006

FieldCast Adapter One Hybrid (Adapter from FieldCast 2Core SM to ATEM Camera Converter)

Power Camera Converter and Camera

With Adapter One Hybrid you can connect the FieldCast Cable straight to Blackmagic Design’s famous ATEM Camera Converter™, fast and easy. 

Adapter One Hybrid fully protects the vulnerable fiber optic LC connections to the SFP of Camera Converter™. It also powers the ATEM Camera Converter™, charges its battery and powers the camera. 

Now you can use your Camera Converterâ„¢ without worries about empty batteries!

Robust fiber optic connectivity made easy

Get the max out of your Camera Converter™ by using the FieldCast fiber optic system. With FieldCast Adapter One Hybrid you can tap into the world of easy to use fiber optic connectivity and cover any distance between your OB Van and your live camera in the most professional way. 

Now you can use your Camera Converter™  and move freely in any environment, and without worries about empty batteries! Adapter One Hybrid has smallest form factor possible, and the all aluminum design makes it light as a feather. 

Adapter One Hybrid is built for studio and field use.


The adapter features a FieldCast 2Core Hybrid Chassis Connector, so you can connect the FieldCast 2Core SM Hybrid Main Cable to it, fast and easy. 

Fiber optic technology conveying copper for powering the camera, converter and charging its battery. 

All functionality of Camera Converter is unchanged. The LC Duplex I/O connection is neatly covered by the milled out aluminum protection block, but all other connectors of the unit are accessible as before, and you can connect your camera and all other gear as you did before. 

It’s easy to connect FieldCast Adapter One Hybrid to Camera Converter. Just remove the four screws at the back of the converter, put Adapter One Hybrid in place and screw it all together again, using the four screws that are part of the package. 

The resulting assembly of converter and adapter feels and behaves as one complete unit, and even the belt clip at the back, with its inserts for connecting to pods, rigs or arms, can be used like before, as if the adapter was not there at all! 

With Fieldcast Adapter One your ATEM Camera Converter has become sturdy all the way.


    • rugged milled out aluminum case, glass blasted and anodized
    • color coded (two yellow rings for 2Core single mode and two red rings for power) 
    • FieldCast 2Core SM Hybrid Chassis Connector with D-size flange
    • custom FieldCast ultra short bend insensitive patching cable inside
    • single mode 9/125 fiber optic technology
    • countersunk M3 20mm. mounting screws for connecting to Camera Converter
    • weight 350 grams
    • instruction manual and hex key for removing Camera Converter screws included
    • product code: br006