Fujifilm XF16mmF1.4 R WR Lens

by Fujifilm MFG# FUJIFILM-16463670

Fujifilm XF16mmF1.4 R WR Lens

  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 24mm
  • Maximum Aperture: F1.4
  • 13 elements in 11 groups with 2 aspherical and 2 ED elements
  • Weight: 375g (0.83lb)
  • Filter Size: 67mm

XF16mmF1.4 R WR is a professional wide-angle prime lens that will redefine your expectations of what a lens in this class can do. With its bright maximum aperture of F1.4 and the ability to focus as close as 5.9in (15cm), photographers can combine beautiful bokeh with a uniquely wider perspective, or stop down to create sweeping scenic landscapes with stunning depth of field and detail.

With its 83.2 angle of view slightly wider than what the human eye can see, XF16mmF1.4 lets visual storytellers record every detail in expansive scenes, intricately decorated interiors, or bustling city streets. Its ultra-wide view also lends a more dramatic point of view, letting you get up close to create pictures bursting with impact, while its compact dimensions and 12.35oz (350g) weight, you can keep it on you for all spontaneous opportunities.

With a minimum focusing distance of 5.9in (15cm), theres immense potential to add a more dynamic look to your images through simply moving your camera closer and further away from your subject. This lets you take full control over the foregrounds and backgrounds within a frame, resulting in pictures with incredible detail that are rich in depth.

Using a powerful DC coreless motor, the internal focus element within XF16mmF1.4 moves quickly and accurately, so its an active partner in your creative process. Theres also a high-speed clutch, along with engraved depth-of-field markings, that allow you to instantly switch to manual focus and ensure absolute precision, minimizing worry about missing a decisive moment.

Whether its a city downpour that leaves commuters running for cover, the freezing chill of an arctic wind, or the dusty trails of a desert canyon, challenging conditions arent there to be avoided they present huge opportunities for creative photographers. A weather-resistant lens and camera are vital in giving you the freedom to document a scene without concern for your equipment, and XF16mmF1.4s weather-resistant design helps to continue creating in even the harshest conditions.




Lens Configuration

13 elements in 11 groups

(includes 2 aspherical and 2 ED elements)


Focal Length



35mm Equivalent Focal Length



Angle of View



Maximum Aperture



Minimum Aperture



Number of Aperture Blades

9 (rounded diaphragm opening)


Aperture Step Size

1/3EV (22 steps)


Minimum Focusing Distance (cm)



Minimum Focusing Distance (in)



Maximum Magnification



Lens Diameter (mm)



Lens Length (mm)



Lens Length (in)



Lens Weight (g)



Lens Weight (lb)



Filter Size



Approximate External Lens Dimensions

73.4mm x 73mm


What's Included

FLCP-67 II Lens cap
RLCP-001 Rear lens cap
Lens hood
Wrapping cloth