Genustech Matte Box Basic Kit (GWMC Matte Box with French Flag, Rod Bracket, GAR82 & G-SUR/82KIT)

by Genustech MFG# GT-GWMC-KIT

Genustech Matte Box Basic Kit (GWMC Matte Box with French Flag, Rod Bracket, GAR82 & G-SUR/82KIT)

The Genus Matte Box Basic Kit comes with a GWMC Wide Angle Matte Box, a GFFW French Flag, a GSP-400-038 rod bracket, Lens Adapter Ring 82 mm and 82mm Filter Step Up Ring Set.

The Genus Wide Matte Box is one of the best Matte Box you can find on the market. It includes a wide angle Matte Box with a 4 x 4" fixed filter tray, a 4 x 4" rotatable filter tray. The Wide Matte Box easily clips on or can be supported with our Camera Mounting System for greater sturdiness. This allows you to take off the Matte Box easily when switching lens.

With 2 stages of filter trays, one wide (fixed) and one standard (360 rotatable for graduating filters), both filter trays accept 4x4 filters and are removable from the top as well as the bottom, which gives you easy access and withdrawal of the filters. This unique feature allows you to quickly switch the filters according to your camera configuration, especially for video cameras that have microphone above the lens.

The front tray is designed slightly wider than standard in order to minimize the risks of clipping, especially when using a Canon 5D, 7D or Video Camcorder with a Wide Angle Attachment. The Matte Box also features a 360-degree rotating tray. With a friction adjustment, you have full control of the rotating speed. There are audible clicks on every 90-degree rotation, so you can judge of the position of the filter.

The French Flag adds more light control to a Matte Box system. It is made from high-grade aluminum with a non-reflective black coating finish. The GSP-400-038 Adapter Bracket can be attached to the lower side of the Matte Box and allows the Matte Boxes to be supported on 12mm and 15mm bars.

Compared to our competitors we are Lightweight and Robust ! 


This Matte Box requires a separate Adapter Ring to match the filter thread size of your lens. There are a wide range of Adaptor Rings available to fit lenses from 58mm to 86mm.

Adapter Ring Page

or with Nun's Knicker's Adapter a flexible adapter which accommodates a wide range of lens diameters

Nun's Knicker's Page

With Swing Away bracket, you can change your lens in a snap, without having to remove the Matte Box

Swing Away bracket Page

This Matte Box Kit includes :


Genus Wide Matte Box


French Flag Assembly (Full)


Adapter unit to support 15mm and 12mm LWS rods


Lens Adapter Ring 82mm


82mm Filter Step Up Ring Set


Optional Extra


Side Flags for Matte Box