Genustech Polarizer ND Variable Filter (77mm)

by Genustech MFG# GT-G-PND77

Genustech Polarizer ND Variable Filter (77mm)

Two filters in one - ND Variable Fader and Circular Polarizer

The Genustech POLARIZER ND Variable Filter uses two independent rotating rings to control light and also achieve perfect Polarization. The first rotating ring is used to fine tune the light entering the lens. By slowing your exposure time or increasing your aperture you are able to control depth of field and convey movement more easily. The second rotating ring has the Polarizer element. By adjusting this ring you will filter out glare and reflections as well as achieving greater saturation of skies and foliage.

Some of the great features of the Genustech POLARIZER ND Variable filter are:

  • Flexible Light Control without the need to change filters
  • Easily rotatable to fine tune the amount of light entering your lens Circular Polarizer element is also rotatable to find the perfect position of polarization
  • Variable Neutral Density from 2-8 stops
  • Superior Color fidelity & optical clarity
  • Optical Glass elements are HD laser treated
  • Ideal for both photo and video
  • Expands your creative options
  • Create motion blur in your photos by increasing exposure with ease
  • Enhance your videos by reducing depth of field to achieve the film look
  • Super thin expanded front element to minimize vignetting
  • Comes with a Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth
  • Comes with a rotation extension handle



Variable neutral density and circular polarizer




10.0 mm


0.6-2.4 (2 to 8 stops)


Variable Neutral Density Element: Yes; to vary density

Circular Polarizer Element: Yes; for polarization of light


Variable Neutral Density Element: Permits a longer exposure

Circular Polarizer Element: Eliminates reflections and haze and improves color and tonal saturation


Water White glass

Front Filter Thread Size

82 mm

Front Lens Cap Size

82 mm



  • Genustech Polarizer ND Variable Filter 77mm
  • Filter Case
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Polariser Element Rotation Handle