Genustech Production Matte Box Kit (GPMB,GPTF,GAR82,G-COAR-114,G-SUR/82KIT)

by Genustech MFG# GT-GPMB-KIT

Genustech Production Matte Box Kit (GPMB,GPTF,GAR82,G-COAR-114,G-SUR/82KIT)

Genus is pleased to announce the Production Matte Box, the all in one kit that covers nearly all of the camera / lens requirements in modern day media acquisition in one box.

  • The Genus Matte Box Kit is designed for all lenses from 52mm to 114mm inclusive
  • The Genus Production Matte Box is a versatile system designed to work with the latest generation of larger sensor cameras as well as broadcast and film cameras
  • All the adapter / step-up rings for 52mm to 82mm are included in the kit + a 114mm ring
  • Can be used in Clip-On Mode or Bar Mounted. The rod mount bracket is provided in the kit
  • The idea is for this kit to be a one-stop off the shelf system
  • A Top Flag is included, side flags are an option
  • The Production Matte Box features two filter stages. The front tray is fixed and the rear tray rotates 360 degrees
  • The rotating filter tray can be locked to a set position
  • The Swing-Away Mounting Bracket port / dock is already attached to the ray-shade
  • High quality production and a high quality finish
  • The Ray-Shade coating is finished with a highly efficient non-reflective material
  • All parts are guaranteed and under the standard terms of warranty
  • Compared to our competitors we are Lightweight and Robust !

What's in the Box :


Genus Production Matte Box, for lenses from 52mm to 114mm, complete with:

  • Production Matte Box Rayshade
  • Top Flag
  • 2 x Filter Trays (rear tray 360 degrees fully rotatable)
  • 15mm Rod to Matte Box Mount Bracket (Centre to Centre 60mm)
  • 114mm Do-Nut
  • 82mm Interface
  • Set of 82mm Step-Up Rings comprising of :
    • 52mm to 82mm
    • 58mm to 82mm
    • 62mm to 82mm
    • 67mm to 82mm
    • 72mm to 82mm
    • 77mm to 82mm
    • 82mm to 82mm