Hive Lighting Nest Lantern Kit for Omni-Color LEDs

by Hive Lighting MFG# Hive-C-NLKIT

Hive Lighting Nest Lantern Kit for Omni-Color LEDs

Hive’s Omni-Color LEDs pair perfectly with lantern style soft boxes and the Hive “Nest” Kit combines all the best accessories for creating this color tunable lantern into one!

This kit features a 20″Lantern soft box from Chimera, which provides omni-directional light that can be modified via the included skirt to allow you to block one or two sides of the lantern. The kit also includes a 1/4-20 mounting pin, for mounting flexibility and low weight when mounting the lantern to point straight down and a power supply mounting bracket with mafer for mounting the lights PSU to a boom pole, grid, or light stand. A header extension cable to reduce overall weight on a boom pole by moving the power supply to the ground or the operator and a 1/4-20 eyebolt to make attaching safety cable or chain easy when rigged above the set.

Inside the Box:

  • Lantern Softbox (20”)
  • Rods
  • Skirt
  • Storage Bag
  • Power Supply Mounting Bracket
  • 1/4-20 threaded stud Baby Pin
  • 1/4-20 threaded eyebolt 


  • All CX Omni-Color LEDs
  • All C-Series Omni-Color LEDs