IDX DC Cable for Canon CINE-SERVO Lens


IDX DC Cable for Canon CINE-SERVO Lens

C-ZLPRO has been created to fulfill the demand for a means to power Canon’s CINE-SERVO zoom lenses with cameras that would otherwise not have the ability– due to lacking a DC power supply to the lens. The C-ZLPRO has a D-Tap plug to HR10 10J- 12S connector and is 18” long. It allows 12- 17V DC to be supplied either directly from batteries such as the ENDURA DUO or CUE series, or from the D-Tap output from IDX ENDURA VMount plates.


Tech Specs:

Cable Assembly:

D-Tap Plug (50W max)

Hirose HR10-10J12S (2A Max)

DC Output:

Hirose: 2A, Pin 3: (-), Pin 6: (+)

Cable Length:

18 inches