IDX DC Cable with X-Tap for 7.4V Accessories


IDX DC Cable with X-Tap for 7.4V Accessories

The C-XTAP2 is a DC cable utilizing an IDX proprietary X-Tap, the new standard connector for powering 7.4V accessories from the SSL-JVC75, SL-VBD64, SL-VBD96, SL-F50, SL-F70, and future IDX power products. With the open lead design, the C-XTAP2 is capable of powering virtually all 7.4V accessories. Simply solder your desired connector to the positive and negative leads. The “T” Terminal is placed for future use.

* X-Tap is different from D-Tap (7V vs 12V)


Tech Specs:

Cable Assembly:

Input: X-Tap

Output: Sheathed cable with 3 leads,(+) Red, (T) White (for future applications), (–) Black

DC Output:

8.4V DC /3.5A (+/-)

5V DC /100mA (T)

Operating Temperature:

-4°F ~ 122°F


2.64(W) x 4.17(H) x 1.38(D) inches


1.5 oz approx.