Lightwave NevronMotion 1.0 - Academic ESD

by LightWave MFG# LW-NM10EF

Lightwave NevronMotion 1.0 - Academic ESD

NevronMotion is a motion retargeting plugin for LightWave 3D® with support for the Microsoft Kinect camera. NevronMotion allows you to load common motion capture files in FBX or BVH format and easily retarget the motion onto your character directly in LightWave Layout. You can quickly adjust any of the character rig joints in areas like the shoulders or arms to compensate for any joint placement inaccuracies and bake out your final animation directly to your character rig.

NevronMotion also comes with rig retargeting presets for FBX and BVH files and allows you to fully customize your rig retargeting and save your own retargeting presets that you can load later to use with custom motion capture libraries. You setup the rig retargeting mapping once, save the preset and then you can reuse that over and over.

NevronMotion also includes a rig preset that works directly with the Microsoft Kinect camera to allow you to puppet a character rig in real time and even record your real time Kinect motion capture performances to save to your library for later use.

NevronMotion greatly simplifies the motion capture workflow in LightWave 3D® and allows you to get character motions or create your own motions with the Kinect Camera to get your characters moving quickly and easily.

LightWaveNevronMotion Overview

  • Live-rig Motion with Microsoft Kinect Camera
    • See your capture in realtime directly inside LightWave Layout
  • Motion Capture retargeting directly in Layout
    • Using the dedicated tools and Genoma rig, apply motion capture to your own characters
  • Capture and Save Motions From Kinect
    • Using the Microsoft Kinect device and NevronMotion, record your own motion capture files
  • Easily Adjust Arm and Leg Positions After Mocap
    • Animate additional movements on top of your motion capture, for extra control
  • Preset Rigs for Kinect and Motion Capture Formats
    • Kinect and go! Using dedicated capture rigs, simple plug in your Kinect and capture
  • Save and Load Retargeting Presets for FBX, BVH
    • NevronMotion ships with dedicated presets for industry standard BVH and FBX biped character setups, or custom setups
  • Simply Bake Out Motions onto Character Rigs
    • The retargeting toolset allows you to bake motions back on to you characters


Apply Motion Capture to Your Own Characters

Using the dedicated retarget tool, along with a specialized Genoma rig you can quickly apply motion capture files (BVH and FBX) to your own characters.

Motion Capture

Record Your Own Motion Capture Files


Using the Microsoft Kinect device and NevronMotion, you can record your own motion capture files directly within LightWave. Record different takes and apply them to your own characters.

Live Preview

See your movements applied on your character in real-time directly in Layout.