MAGIX colorFX Suite ESD

by MAGIX MFG# MGX-639191910920-1

MAGIX colorFX Suite ESD


AUDIO PLUGIN UNION presents the new colorFX Suite – three sound effects that pack a real punch. From the soft sheen of analog patina to crunchy digital distortion, colorFX Suite offers the right texture for any track. Use the FX to weld together summed signals such as masters and grouped tracks or to give individual tracks a distinctive character.

By carefully mixing in distortion, colorFX Bitcrusher achieves concentrated and full sounds that are perfect for group and summed signals. On the other hand, with massive bit reductions any track will end up in smoke – just the thing for a perfect breakdown.

colorFX Tape Machine combines the virtues of analog technology with digital efficiency and flexibility. Ideal for the fine-tuning of tone and dynamics in mastering as well as for more character on individual instruments and vocals.

When used for mild saturation, color FX Tube Distortion delivers a range of expression that's rich with nuance – for melodic and percussive instruments, vocals and even background noises. Full overdrive supports harder musical styles, but also delivers solo accents across genres.


  • Bitcrusher takes the concept of digital distortion to a new level, delivering more parameters for more excitement.
  • Tape Machine combines the pulsating dynamics of analog hardware with the precision of virtual sound control.
  • Tube Distortion gives sound a singing quality that ranges from quiet and harmonic to fiery and crashing.
  • With signal routing that can be filtered and modulated, colorFX can be used flexibly – as subtle emulsifiers for masters and grouped signals, or to create a distinctive texture for individual tracks
  • All colorFX include professional visualization aids for input and output such as peak level or RMS value.