MARBL. Orbit Overhead Camera Dolly Studio Kit


MARBL. Orbit Overhead Camera Dolly Studio Kit

Capture smooth orbiting video by yourself without having to set up dolly tracks or complex rigs. The Orbit camera dolly system from MARBL mounts to your ceiling in under 30 minutes and can hold cameras up to 10lbs. It features a rechargeable precision motor with hundreds of speed settings that allow you to fine tune your Orbiting camera shots. Use the handheld remote or the Wi-Fi based app to run product, interview, time lapse and stop motion modes. An included telescoping downrod can be attached for shots where you need to bring the whole assembly lower for table height videos.  Adjustable arms feature premium Kondor Blue built joints that allow for multiple length arm configurations. The included battery powered light ring mounts to Orbit and provides high quality lighting that won’t be impeded by the moving parts of the rig. Also included with the light ring is a magnetic moon ball that can help you find proper focus to film yourself and a crosshair laser that helps you find perfect center. Get ready to take your interviews, product videos, scenes, and content to the next level with Orbit.

Key features

  • Mounts to ceiling easily with included mounting plate. (Mounting hardware included)
  • Includes a height adjustable down rod that can bring the motor assembly to table height for product shots.
  • Long lasting battery powered motor delivers ultra-smooth motion up to 10 RPM
  • Includes motor mountable ring light with subject centering aids (laser crosshair, self-focus moon ball tool)
  • Includes (3) 1 lb counterweights that can be secured to each other.
  • Multi arm length configurations with articulating joints (Longest arm span configuration is 72")
  • Remote controllable via included IR remote or Wi-Fi App
  • “Stealth Mode” Reduces operating volume to 32dB (requires included IR remote)
  • Supports cameras up to 10lbs when properly counterweighted.
  • Minimum overhead space required to operate is 8ft

Note: This kit requires purchase of light stands, and 1-1/4” speed rail, sold separately. We do not sell light stands or speed rail, but have recommendations on our Third Party gear Page.


Base Kit Included 

(1) Axibo Powered Stealth Motor.

  • Internal 6700mAh battery.
  • 8 hour run time.
  • Max 10 RPM / Min 1 Rotation per 48 hours.
  • Machined and welded motor shaft, vertical weight tested over 200 lbs.

(1) Ceiling Plate with hardware assembly. Mounts into Studs/ joists, or cement ceilings. Includes screws.

(1) Telescoping Down Rod. Attaches to ceiling Plate and to Orbit Motor with an adjustable hight of 27” - 46” . Ideal use for ceilings 8-12’

(2) Kondor Blue Arm joints. Anodized 6160-t6 aluminum, with arri rosette steel teeth.

(4) Anodized Black aluminum arm poles. (2) 24” and (2) 16 inch. Total span across when assembled 94”.

(2) Threaded end caps with 1/4-20 mounting for accessories or counter weights. Caps thread into arm poles.

(1) Dual Arm receiver. Includes bubble level for proper weight distribution.

(3) 1 lbs counter weights. 1/4-20 threaded, stainless steel construction.

(1) Ball Head to cold Shoe mount. Fits to normal DSLR or Mirrorless cameras such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic.

(1) 1/4-20 to Cold Shoe Mount. Mounts to any camera with 1/4-20 mount, and creates a quick release cold shoe.

(1) Bar Sleeve. 1/4-20 mount, attaches to ball head and camera.

(2) Hook and loop wall anchors for leveling down rod.

(2) 1/4-20 threaded loops. Used for attaching ratchet straps and straightening down rod, (if needed).

(2) Ratchet straps. 75 LBS max payload.

(1) Aluminum IR Remote control + APP (App release summer 2022)


Studio Kit Included 

(1) Studio Ring Light

  • 5600k Daylight LEDS.
  • Diffused and dimmable, CRI 97+ LEDS. Good on products and Skintones.
  • Laser guide for finding perfect center of orbit.
  • Internal 6700 mAh battery bank. USB-C quick charge or reverse charge to use as battery bank.
  • 7 hour battery life @ 50%v brightness. 3.5 hour battery life @ 50% brightness.
  • 32 Step encoder for brightness, 5 step remote brightness.
  • Tool holder + Magnetic remote holder

(1) Magnetic Focus Ball. Pull focus for yourself or use to set exposure with near 18% grey moon ball.


Motor Modes Explained

Product Mode, visor Green. Max speed, 10RPM. Very fast Orbits, great for slow motion shots.

Interview mode, visor yellow. Slower than green mode, 1/10 RPM, ideal for interviews or for slow product shots with long lenses.

Time lapse mode, visor teal. Very slow gear, 1 rotation every 48 hours, great for shadows play time lapse or plants growing etc..

Stop Motion Mode, visor blue. Orbit only moves when given instructions to do so, moves in degrees.

Wiper Mode, visor blinks any color - Orbit jogs back and forth between two positions. Ideal for interviews with long lenses and low speeds.

VFX Mode. Orbit has built in speaker, and will beep exactly as each orbit concludes. Ideal for stacking and performing movie magic.

V-mount batteries are NOT included in any package. Orbit base, Studio, and Pro may require installation into a ceiling stud. For best results, use a stud finder and screw gun. These are NOT included as well. Outdoor mounting requires appropriately sized overhead stand, a dual speed rail assembly, and additional safety equipment, which are NOT included.