Okko Pro CPL Filter (43mm)

by Okko Pro MFG# Okko-ProCPL 43mm

Okko Pro CPL Filter (43mm)

Okko Pro’s best seller CPL prevents hazy images caused by polarized light reflected from water, snow, glass or water droplets in the atmosphere. The Pro CPL filter eliminates glare and helps you capture rich, clear shots in challenging bright conditions. 

This fully adjustable filter allows you to control polarization for color saturation and greater contrast. An ultra-slim frame and glass thickness of 2.0mm prevents vignetting. 14 anti- reflective coatings and an optical density of 0.3 allows you to get it right in camera first.  

Protected by a lifetime warranty. 

Reduced polarization through Japanese AGC optical glass 

Okko Pro CPL filters reduce haze, allowing you to achieve greater color and tonal saturation for clearer images with better contrast. Get it right in camera first! 

Aluminium alloy frame with copper line 

Constructed from high quality, light weight, matte black aluminum. Designed to still work with your lens cap. Smooth adjustment for ease in the field. 

Ultra thin frame to minimise vignetting 

Ultra thin frame minimizes the vignetting effect when shooting wide open.


What's in the box

  • 1x Pro circular polarizing filter
  • 1x Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 1x Protective case
  • 1x Lifetime guarantee
  • 1x Okko Pro sticker