Okko Pro UV Filter (58mm)

by Okko Pro MFG# Okko-ProUV 58mm

Okko Pro UV Filter (58mm)

Proven protection for your valuable camera lens’ front element from dust, grit, sand, rain and sea spray. This robust lens filter with all-weather protection is for everyday use in all environments.

Okko Pro has built this filter to last with German made B270 Schott glass and a light weight aluminum frame. An ultra-thin 1.1mm glass profile and frame prevents vignetting. High quality optical glass allows 99.5% light transmission. 16 layers of nano coating absorb UV light for clarity and pure color.  

Accidents happen, so all Okko Pro filters come with a Lifetime Guarantee. If you break your filter, they replace it.  

German SCHOTT B270 glass. 14 layer anti reflective coating 

Absorb ultraviolet light to prevent ghosting. Providing 99.5% light transmission; no adjustments to the exposure setting required. 

Ultra thin frame to minimize vignetting 

Ultra thin frame minimizes the vignetting effect when shooting wide open. 1.1mm glass thickness offer full protection for your lens. 

Aluminum alloy frame with copper line 

Constructed from high quality, light weight, matte black aluminum. Designed for lens protection. Still able to use your standard lens cap. Easy clean.


What's in the box

  • 1x Pro UV Protector filter
  • 1x Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 1x Protective case
  • 1x Lifetime guarantee
  • 1x Okko Pro sticker