OZEN 150CF2 Two Stage Carbon-Fiber Tripod


OZEN 150CF2 Two Stage Carbon-Fiber Tripod

Key Features

  • For Fluid Head with 150mm Ball
  • Two-Stage, Three-Section Legs
  • Supports up to 120 lb
  • Contender Heavy-Duty Mid-Level Spreader
  • Flat & Angled Spreader Positions
  • Height Range: 20 to 60"
  • Carry Length 28
  • Rotating Lever Locks
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Deep-Tread Rubber Feet

The OZEN Two-Stage Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber 150mm Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader & Rubber Feet is well suited for heavy digital cinema, as well as other cameras, for use with OZEN's AGILE 25 fluid heads. The legs can support the weight of the head, plus the head's maximum load, with enough wiggle room for comfort so you aren't pushing the limits of your system. The heavy-duty construction creates a stable platform that enables you to operate your head at the highest levels of drag resistance without the legs flexing as you pan and tilt.

The legs utilize rotating lever locks, one for each leg, that allow you to apply the torque necessary to secure your legs against the weight of your fluid head and camera system, preventing the legs from slipping while you operate the camera. The included removable mid-level spreader simplifies moving quickly from camera position to camera position, and it is ideal for use on uneven terrain, as well as flat surfaces. The removable rubber feet provide grip on hard surfaces and can be easily removed for working on soft surfaces, such as sand or dirt.

Carbon fiber legs are lightweight and strong, as well as being corrosion resistant, especially to saltwater, which makes them ideal for use on boats and the seashore.

  • Two-stage legs usually have a wider height range and fold down more compactly than similar single-stage legs.
  • The legs support 120 pounds of head and accessories, allowing you to mount a heavy-duty fluid head and accessories.
  • The independent leg spread and height adjustment allows you to use the legs on oddly shaped areas as well as steps.
  • The mid-level spreader allows the legs to remain stable when on uneven and rocky terrain such as gravel, rocky ground, and steps.
  • Removable rubber feet protect delicate surfaces from the foot spikes, and the deep rubber tread provides good grip on hard surfaces.
  • The legs feature spiked feet that provide solid purchase in soft surfaces when not using a spreader.