OZEN 18CF1HDM 100mm AGILE 18M E-Z LOAD MAX Tripod System


OZEN 18CF1HDM 100mm AGILE 18M E-Z LOAD MAX Tripod System

Key Features

  • 100mm Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Agile 18 E-Z LOAD MAX Fluid Head
  • Counterbalanced Payload: 4.4 to 48.4 lb
  • 16-Step Counterbalance
  • 9 Levels + 0 Pan/Tilt Fluid Drag
  • 1-Stage, 2-Section Legs
  • Tripod Height Range: 28.7 to 58.7"
  • Contender Heavy-Duty Mid-Level Spreader
  • Deep-Tread Rubber Feet
  • Soft Carrying Case with Internal Pouch 

Designed for the rigors of ENG and EFP production, the Agile 18M Fluid Head & 100CF1HD Tripod System from OZEN combines the Agile 18 E-Z LOAD MAX fluid head with the 100CF1HD 100mm half ball, single-stage, heavy-duty carbon fiber tripod. This system supports camera rigs weighing 4.4 to 48.4 lb and features a wide E-Z LOAD MAX balance plate for increased stability, even with longer lenses.

The Agile 18 E-Z LOAD MAX head offers 16-step counterbalance, 9 levels + "0" of pan and tilt fluid drag, and two telescoping pan handles. The 100CF1HD carbon fiber tripod has a height range of 28.7 to 58.7" and comes with a Contender heavy-duty mid-level spreader, as well as with deep-tread rubber feet for better traction on smooth surfaces. The soft carrying case incorporates an internal pouch for storing the handles and includes a shoulder strap.

18M E-Z LOAD MAX Fluid Head

  • Wide balance plate improves stability when working with longer lenses
  • 48.4 lb Maximum Capacity
  • Supports loads from 4.4 to 48.4 lb
  • 16-Step Counterbalance
  • 16 levels of counterbalance enable you to precisely balance various camera rigs
  • Fluid Pan and Tilt Drag
  • 9 steps each of pan and tilt drag plus a "0" setting enable precise moves or free spins
  • TR-100CF1HD 100mm Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Lightweight yet rigid carbon fiber design is 2 lb lighter than its aluminum counterpart
  • 58.7" Maximum Tripod Height
  • 28.7 to 58.7" height range
  • Mid-Level Spreader
  • Contender heavy-duty, mid-level spreader
  • Twist Leg Locks
  • Twisting leg locks have positive stops for added security