OZEN 25AL1 AGILE 25 150/FB E-Z LOAD Tripod System


OZEN 25AL1 AGILE 25 150/FB E-Z LOAD Tripod System

Key Features

  • Agile 25 E-Z LOAD Fluid Head
  • 1-Stage 150mm Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tripod
  • Convertible 150mm Ball/Flat Base Head
  • Counterbalanced Payload: 4.4 to 80 lb
  • 16-Step Counterbalance
  • 9 Levels + 0 Pan/Tilt Fluid Drag
  • Tripod Height Range: 28.7 to 58.7"
  • Contender Heavy-Duty Mid-Level Spreader
  • Twisting-Lever Leg Locks
  • Soft Carrying Case with Internal Pouch 

Compatible with heavier pro-level ENG and EFP cameras, the Agile 25 Fluid Head & TR-150AL1 Tripod system from OZEN combines the Agile 25 E-Z LOAD fluid head with the 150AL1 single-stage, heavy-duty aluminum tripod. The 150mm ball head can be converted to a flat base for lower-profile, slider, or car rig applications. This head's ergonomic control and the 150mm ball base enable fast leveling when setting your shot. This system supports camera rigs weighing up to 80 lb and features an E-Z LOAD quick release balance plate.

The Agile 25 E-Z LOAD head offers a 16-step counterbalance, 9 levels + "0" of pan and tilt fluid drag, and two telescoping pan handles. The 150AL1 aluminum tripod features a height range of 28.7 to 58.7", twisting-lever leg locks, a Contender heavy-duty mid-level spreader, and deep-tread rubber feet for better traction on smooth surfaces. The soft carrying case incorporates an internal pouch for storing the handles and includes a shoulder strap.

150mm 25 E-Z LOAD Fluid Head

  •             The 150mm leveling ball makes it quick to level the head on your tripod legs or other platforms
  •             The convertible flat base provides a lower-profile base for a car rig, scaffolding, or another compatible support
  • 80 lb Maximum Capacity
  • Supports loads from 4.4 to 80 lb
  • 16-Step Counterbalance
  • 16 levels of counterbalance enable you to precisely balance various camera rigs
  • Fluid Pan and Tilt Drag
  • 9 steps each of pan and tilt drag plus a "0" setting enable precise moves or free spins

150AL1 Single-Stage Aluminum Tripod

  • Durable and secure aluminum design with two sections (single stage)
  • 58.7" Maximum Tripod Height
  • 28.7 to 58.7" height range
  • Mid-Level Spreader
  • Contender heavy-duty mid-level spreader
  • Twist-Lever Leg Locks
  • Twisting lever locks for quick yet secure setups.