RGBlink M1 NDI

by RGBlink MFG# RGBLINK-220-0001-04-0

RGBlink M1 NDI

Key Features
  • Module based design for wide range in/out request 
  • Module hot swapable
  • Preview 4 inputs
  • Seamless switching between PST and PGM
  • Support NDI decoding
  • Multiple audio outputs available
  • Streaming via USB 3.0 output module and mobile phone
  • 2 video layers plus additional layers for OSD, LOGO, STILL
  • Mask for foreground layer including support for user defined mask
  • Compatible with all kinds of Digital Displays
  • Genlock Y In 
  • Multiple Presets and savable to the external USB disk
  • 14 Transition Effects on the T-bar and TAKE button
  • PTZ VISCA control compatible

M1 makes video scaling and mixing more accessible and intuitive than ever before. Building on RGBlink technologies and innovations for a unique - almost "hand-held" - fully integrated All-in-One video processor, M1 redefines what a modern video processor can be with a host of on board features.

Front central is a touch screen display providing easy access to features, with large illuminated buttons provide familiar tactile controls.

Audio features are also built right into M1 which can output from embedded audio or external sources. The front panel features LR audio controls, and PPM display is also available.

Much more than a vision mixer, M1 includes both cross-conversion and pixel to pixel scaling for modern displays, making this a comprehensive video solution for meeting rooms, schools and house of worship applications.