RGBlink Q16pro 4U Universal Processor

by RGBlink MFG# RGBLINK-711-0020-01-0-16

RGBlink Q16pro 4U Universal Processor

  • Each module supports 8 screens spanning the output port without occupying layers
  • 12 bit input and output, RGB 4:4:4 color space
  • Dual independent OSD rolling subtitles
  • Multi-window monitoring for inputs and outputs
  • i signal output supported
  • LOGO overlay
  • Seamless switch between signals and scenes
  • Dual power module backup

Q16pro is a high-performance video image processing system and high-performance video splicing server using pure hardware and leading-edge FPGA processing architecture.

Offering a range of input and output signals via a card-based structure, and supporting hot swap of modules, and options including redundant power supplies, Q16pro is a stable high-performance platform that can be deployed in varied applications including corporate and visual messaging as well in retail and digital signage applications.

The Q16pro models allow connection of 4K video sources as well as output to 4K, with outputs offering multi-screen and multi-layer capabilities. A host of features are built in to Q16pro, including EDID management, 3D image processing, and highly configurable OSD features at high-definition.