RGBvoice UC06A-Lighting Low Latency Wireless Lavalier Mic (1RX, 1TX)

by RGBvoice MFG# RGBV-UC06A-Lightning

RGBvoice UC06A-Lighting Low Latency Wireless Lavalier Mic (1RX, 1TX)

Wireless lavalier microphone, 1x transmitters, 1x receiver with charging case. Lightning connection included.

60 minute sound pickup, 31 total working hours when combined with the charging case with only 5 minutes to charge.

Original Apple LAM Module for worry-free upgrades.

Environmental noise cancellation. Built in DSP noise cancellation chip, anti-interference, effective identification of original sound. Perfect in noisy environments such as busy streets, subways, on the road, in a crowd.

360° omnidirectional voice pickup. High sensitivity digital silicon mic can 99% restore voice in high-definition.

120 meter wireless transmission. Freedom of recording high-performance wireless microphone technology, stable signal up to 120 meters.

Small and portable, weighing only 8.2g.

High-grade black windproof wool cover for outdoor use. Integrated decorative mesh with aviation aluminum, lightweight and durable. Hidden windproof sleeve for further noise cancellation to face a variety of complex recording environments.