Salrayworks N BOT - NDI Pan/Tilt Robotic Head

by Salrayworks MFG# SRW-N BOT

Salrayworks N BOT - NDI Pan/Tilt Robotic Head

World 1st NDI Motorized Robotic PAN TILT HEAD


N BOT does not disturb anything in your indoor studio with quiet and smooth mechanical movement.  It is equipped with a camera of up to 2.5 KG and freely moves up to 355 degrees of PAN and 40 degrees of TILT Down and 20 degrees of UP at 15 degrees per second.

High Bandwidth NDI

Hardware (Silicon-based) NDI® reaches about 140Mbit at 1080p60 and is visually lossless. Relatively compared to NDI/HX, PC-based NDI switchers use low CPU and GPU, so they have the advantage of using more clear channels in the same environment. Hardware-based high bandwidth NDI designed by Salrayworks with the latest embedded NDI SDK on Intel FPGA guarantees visually lossless video. NDI®️Silicon, frame rates up to 1080P60.

Remote Control of  the Camera

Power ( POE +) and NDI streaming thru one Ethernet Cable. You can remotely control the zoom-in-out,  focus, and IRIS of the camera through the LANC input.

Preset Position 

Stores up and recall up to 10 positions with an accuracy of under 0.1 degrees.   In the Studio or on stage, it memorizes the location of the previous object with extreme accuracy and starts shooting immediately.