Softron Dynamic Graphics Overlay for OnTheAir Video 4

by Softron MFG# ST-3.A004V

Softron Dynamic Graphics Overlay for OnTheAir Video 4

This option enables the overlay of Dynamic Graphics Overlay in OnTheAir Video 4.

If you are ordering an option together with a license, you will receive only one serial number that contains everything, the application license, with all the options. But if you already have the license and that you order this option at a later time, you'll have to follow the guidelines below.


If you are using a Serial Number, you will receive an upgrade serial number that you will add to the list of serial numbers in the "License" window and activate it, just as a "Master Serial Number" (the one that you received when you first ordered. This means that you will always have to have the 2 Serial Numbers activated.

If you are using a Dongle, you will need to send us the dongle serial number that you intend to upgrade so we can send you an upgrade file for that dongle.

If you are using a Serial Number but want to upgrade to a dongle, it is still possible, order a dongle from the store and tell us what Application Serial Number it should replace. We will then send you the procedure for the migration.