Tokina Cinema Firecrest Cine Superslim 4x5.65 Clear


Tokina Cinema Firecrest Cine Superslim 4x5.65 Clear

The Cine Superslim 4x5.65 Clear can be stacked with Superslim IRNDs in a standard 4mm tray or used alone in light weight matte boxes that feature a filter clamp mechanism.

These filters are designed for the all those times when you need a cinema camera setup with minimum weight, whether that’s to fly on a drone, Steadicam, gimbal, or just to lighten the load on your back when you have to carry your own kit. They are the lightest possible 4x5.65 cinema grade glass filter, weighing in at around half of an equivalent standard thickness 4mm ND filter, while maintaining the same excellent neutrality and optical quality that Firecrest filters have become renowned for.

This makes them the perfect solution to marry with ultra-lightweight matte boxes like the Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom. For ARRI standard matteboxes a dedicated 2mm filter tray from Formatt is available. This will allow the filters to be used in most Bright Tangerine, Chroziel, Wooden Camera and ARRI matteboxes.

The Clear Optical Flat is one of the most affordable and essential pieces of kit for any cinematographer looking to protect their investment in lenses by protecting the lens from challenging shooting environments.

This Schott B270 super white optical glass is capable of matching the highest resolution cameras on the market today and can provide invaluable protection when using jibs, cranes, gimbals, or any scene where the lens may require extra protection from the elements.