Tokina Cinema Formatt Hitech 138mm Circular Polarizer

by Tokina MFG# TO-BF138CP2000RH

Tokina Cinema Formatt Hitech 138mm Circular Polarizer

Formatt Hitech Polarizers are available in two types of Circular and Linear. Made from high quality Schott glass and manufactured precision bonding and polishing techniques.

Circular Polarizers have little noticeable optical downside versus at Linear Polarizer and therefore are recommended for most modern cinematography applications.

The Formatt Hitech Circular Polarizer is made from two layers of high quality optical enhancers. The first layer is a standard high efficiency linear polarization foil that will create the usual desirable blue sky and reflection cutting effects that polarizers are known for in cinematography. The second layer is a 1/4 Wave Retarder which spins the light in a corkscrew type pattern to avoid cross polarization on cameras that have 3 CCD design, employ a video tap, or have internal variable ND type effects.

The Formatt Hitech Linear Polarizer is made from high efficiency polarization foil that creates blue skies, cuts reflections on windows and water, and is considered one of the best optical effects for outdoor cinematography. The high efficiency nature of this polarizer allows for a significant increase usability in challenging lighting conditions over other polarizers on the market. Made from Schott B270 optical glass and polished for maximum image quality when used with a matte box.